the very BEST for your BEST friend.



Yark is synonymous with function, style and exceptional quality. Yark collars and leashes are made in the USA with premium materials, and the Yark Loungers are crafted by hand in California with extensive attention to detail. Just like you, we strive to give your dog the very best. 

THE STORY:  Yark was inspired by the bark of an apricot-colored pup named Rufus who inspired Yark founder, Colleen Carr Bayless, to create the pet accessories she wanted but could never find. Colleen started out by repurposing her old leather belts into collars and leashes, and the idea grew from there. "The name, Yark, is a testament to individuality and style. Not all dogs bark –some yark."  –  Colleen

WHO WE ARE:  We are a community of dog lovers doing good. We are not a luxury brand living in a bubble. We believe that simply owning a pet is a luxury of life, and with luxury, comes responsibility. Spoiled dogs are loved dogs, but we cannot spoil our own without remembering the animals who are denied basic necessities. That's why every Yark purchase supports a global community of animal advocates and nonprofits. 

Welcome to our community. We hope you enjoy your accessories & loungers as much as we enjoy making them.