Meet StylePup

New York based photographer Emmy Park has a keen eye for two things we love: street style and adorable dogs.  Emmy is currently a contributing photographer for Vogue Japan and Nylon Japan, among others who count on her savvy street style photos and studio shots for various fashion brands. Her lens beautifully captures portraits, landscapes and pretty much everything in between.

To go along with her massive amount of talent, she has a huge heart for dogs. In shooting street style, she often found herself focusing on the dogs. (Who can blame her, right?) Eventually her latest venture in dog portraiture, StylePup, was born.  “I love to capture expressions, thoughts and moments of dogs in NYC," said Emmy. Take a look at some of her work below, and we think you'll agree. 

Follow @stylepup on instagram. It's too good to miss. You'll also get to to meet her handsome American Eskimo, Lucky.

Would you like a portrait of your dog? For bookings, contact Emmy via