Meet StylePup

New York based photographer Emmy Park has a keen eye for two things we love: street style and adorable dogs.  Emmy is currently a contributing photographer for Vogue Japan and Nylon Japan, among others who count on her savvy street style photos and studio shots for various fashion brands. Her lens beautifully captures portraits, landscapes and pretty much everything in between.

To go along with her massive amount of talent, she has a huge heart for dogs. In shooting street style, she often found herself focusing on the dogs. (Who can blame her, right?) Eventually her latest venture in dog portraiture, StylePup, was born.  “I love to capture expressions, thoughts and moments of dogs in NYC," said Emmy. Take a look at some of her work below, and we think you'll agree. 

Follow @stylepup on instagram. It's too good to miss. You'll also get to to meet her handsome American Eskimo, Lucky.

Would you like a portrait of your dog? For bookings, contact Emmy via  

Made the USA Way

Made in the USA is making a comeback, and we are thrilled to be a part of the movement. Yark leashes and collars are crafted in the great states of California and New York. We like being on a first-name basis with everyone who contributes to making our products great. (We know their dogs' names too, of course.) We also love that domestic manufacturing keeps our carbon footprint chihuahua paw-sized. Keeping things close to home is like keeping your dog close to heart —we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Big & Small - Yark Fits Them All

A great fitting dog collar is essential to the comfort and well-being of your dog. We obsess over this daily.  In developing our collar sizing, we consulted everyone we knew who struggled in the past to find collars sized for their dogs. We've incorporated their experience and advice. Nevertheless, there's always room for improvements and additional sizes. Do let us know if there's a size we're missing. We don't want any pups left out of the Yark fun.


Need assistance deciding which size collar is best for your dog? See our size chart here, and don't hesitate to contact us if we can help you select a size. 

Yark Shop - Open

We are happy to announce that our online shop is now open, and it's stocked with collars and leashes to please. We're thrilled to share the first-ever Yark collection with you. Function, style and top quality are at the core of our leashes and collars. It's what you and your dog deserve, afterall.

We absolutely love see our customers and their cute canines, so if you're a hashtagger - use #yarkdog to show us your Yark dogs. 

            One cool customer:  London the chiweenie in the Frankie collar and leash.

            One cool customer:  London the chiweenie in the Frankie collar and leash.

Pixel Perfect

At Yark we've seen no shortage of pet photography.  When we find something truly great, we just have to share. We dare you not to smile when looking at the work of photographer Ron Schmidt. His unique perspective is nothing short of brilliant.  The Loose Leashes portrait collection is endearingly humanizing - just what you'd expect from a true dog lover.  Enjoy a glimpse of his work below. 

                                                                 See the full portrait collection and fine art print shop at . 


                                    See the full portrait collection and fine art print shop at

Blogger Spotlight - Lovely Pepa

Style?  √   Darling  dog?     Wanderlust worthy travel  √   This blog has it all. 

Meet Pepa, an adorable French bulldog, who is the namesake for Spanish blogger Alexandra Pereira's personal blog:  Lovely Pepa.  Alexandra is multi-talented. You'll pickup her keen sense for photography.  You can expect creative outfit posts, food pictures you'll actually enjoy, and yes - lots of Pepa.   Enjoy! 

New year, New goals

Who doesn't like a fresh start?  As we embark on a new year, we're reflecting on all the good times of 2013 and thinking of our goals for 2014.

Whether you call them goals or resolutions, have you considered including your dog this year? Maybe it's a good time to evaluate your dog's daily routine - could you enrich it in someway? Or perhaps this is the year for that teeth cleaning that can extend the happy life of your pup.  This year you can count on us to continue pouring all our effort into making the best possible pet accessories. To recap the year gone by, here's a video highlighting our 2013 lookbook shoot:

"Good As New"  Written and Performed by Vacationer. Courtesy of Downtown Records LLC.

Wishing you and yours a most happy and healthy 2014